Make Money with ThriveSME

Share in our success with the ThriveSME Affiliate Program. We offer a 20% commission on any referral sign up.

Get Paid for Every Sale

Make money by referring it thru your website, blog, to your friends, social media and among others. Earn 20% for every sale through your unique link.

Unlimited Referrals

The sky’s the limit! Drive as much traffic as you can to your unique link, and get paid for every sale you refer.

Frequently Ask Questions

How do I sign up?

Any ThriveSME user use can become an affiliate. Just log into your website and select the ‘Affiliate Referrals’ link on the ‘My Account’ menu to activate your account.

If you don’t have a ThriveSME site but would still like to become an affiliate then click here to register a free user account and follow the instructions above.

How can I earn commission?

You will earn 20% of any active sign-up. This applies to all ThriveSME paid website plans. The longer the term the more commission you will earn. The commission is only paid on ThriveSME website sign-ups and not on other additional services.

How do I get paid?

All affiliate referrals are manually confirmed by our team and paid out approximately 30 days after your referral has signed up. We will pay you via the PayPal address you submitted on your affiliate profile.

How does this work?

Any ThriveSME user can become an affiliate, from your ThriveSME dashboard you can activate affiliates for yourself. Affiliates are paid on a per user base, not on a per site so even if you aren’t the site administrator you can still earn commission from affiliates. In fact, if you don’t have a site with ThriveSME you can still become an affiliate. From your affiliates control panel, you can find your unique affiliate link and marketing materials that you can use to send traffic to ThriveSME and earn commission from users that sign up.

Our referral cookies are active for 30 days so any visitor you’re referring to us can sign up within 30 days and you will receive 20% commission on the sign-up.

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